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The Becker Mechanical Hand Co. is a family owned business and has been since it began over 70 years ago. John and Cathie Becker currently run the business with pride after John's father, Daniel B. Becker learned the trade of making prosthetics in the 1930's eventually inventing a mechanical hand which was patented in 1942. This original prosthetic hand was  called the Becker Mechanical Lockgrip Hand. Over the years the hand had several revisions under the original patent which became the original masterpiece hand for Becker Mechanical Hand Co. today. Then in the late 1960's D.B. Becker developed another more natural appearing hand with more actions and greater utility in the Imperial Hand with soft finger tips and separate third and fourth finger actions, which was made from molded plastic instead of a wood body.  This hand was patented in 1968 as the Imperial Hand for the company and had superior international recognition along with the Lockgrip Hand among it's peers in the industry.

When you consider the original mechanical hand was created and designed to simulate a human hand by meeting similar functions and movements of a human hand, while being made of sheet metal, screws and wire cording; that technology was really before it's time.

The Becker Mechanical Hand today still has the same concept in mind from the original design of the 1930's yet has been modified to meet more stringent standards for strength and durability which are needed for today's amputee. The modification changes in the design of the Becker Mechanical Hand since it's last patent in 1968 has virtually remained unchanged. The superior design, durability and dependable quality make it unmatched in the industry. The mastery that has gone into the Becker Mechanical Hands is unsurpassed in the industry by any other competitor.  As a company we continue to flourish and thrive in an industry that demands quality, competitiveness, honesty and a product that continues to sustain for over three quarters of a century. We believe this speaks volumes about the Becker Mechanical Hand Co. and our integrity as a company, our loyalty to our customers and the prosthetists that are fitting our hands on the amputees. We continue to provide a quality product with the Imperial and the Lockgrip Hands 

The following are some quotes from one of our newer customers, SwissWuff.
    "Now, I am convinced that a mechanical hand can be very cool, very useful, very differentiated and robust and powerful.  All one has to do is build it the right way."
    "This is a very elegant, beautiful and cool retro looking product."

We do enjoy hearing we've helped and customers are happy with our products.   

Whether you are a distributor, prosthetist, or amputee; if you have questions, call us for more information.  We will be happy to assist you. 

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