Becker Mechanical Hand Co.

The Finest in Mechanical Hands 
If You Want the BEST,

The Becker Mechanical Hand objective is to combine the most natural action with the greatest utility in a mechanical hand.  For work, dress, or play, ... everyday use, the Becker Mechanical Hand gives you the feeling of natural action and appearance. 


Available in several models, there is a Becker Mechanical Hand just for you!

People in all walks of life enjoy the benefits of  natural action and durability from Becker Mechanical Hands. 


Over 70 years of engineering, manufacturing, and testing make the Becker Mechanical Hand the standard of excellence throughout the world.  With a Becker Mechanical Hand, you are assured the finest design,

construction, and workmanship. 

Becker Mechanical Hand stands behind

it’s products. 


The Imperial and  LOCKGRIP  Hand Features:

  • · Naturally Jointed Fingers made of Hardened Steel

· Semi-Soft Fingertips

· Full Five Finger Voluntary Opening

· Tension Grip Adjustment from 2 - 7 lbs.

· Oval Spring Wire Covering Fingers

· Single Cable Operation

· Automatic Lock When Hand is Closed

· Cosmetic Gloves to Match Your Coloring

· Custom Made Hands Upon Request

· Our 100% Guarantee


Becker Mechanical Hand Co.

152 W. Stevens Street.
St. Paul, MN 55107

Ph: 651-224-1796

Fax: 651-225-1712




The famous LOCKGRIP mechanism

features five finger operations, natural

jointed finger action, automatic lock and

single cable operation.  The reliable inner mechanism will provide many years of

trouble free service. 

Available in sizes 6-1/2 to 10 to match all size hands from children to adults, male and female. 




Fingers of the human hand are jointed. 

The LOCKGRIP is designed to give the same action as the human finger.  Special hardened steel joints with a lever control gives the finger natural action.  To complete the mechanical finger, a special oval shaped wire is closely wound around the joint mechanism, allowing natural action and appearance.  A semi-soft plastic tip completes the finger.

Cosmetic Gloves Available
Perfect fitting, with minimum constriction, cosmetic gloves are available with or

without a zipper in the palm.  Custom

Colored to fit individual orders, with full stippling and hair characterizations.  The cosmetic glove is color fast, with locked in pigmentation.

The Imperial Hand



Featuring a plastic body, finely shaped for natural appearance.  With the famous Becker Mechanical Hand inner mechanism for versatility and reliability.



· Full Five Finger Opening

· Separate 3rd and 4th finger action

· Automatic Lock when closed

· Natural action Finger Joints

· Durable Plastic Body


Easy Tune Adjustment

Just a few turns of a screwdriver adjusts the finger tension from delicate to robust, to give you the right grip.







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