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Becker Mechanical Hand

The Becker Mechanical Hand Co. is the manufacturer of the "Finest Mechanical Hands Made"

Our Hands give you Control and 'Touch'

Yes, we're willing to put it in writing,  Don't Settle for Less!

Manufacturer of the Largest Hands on the market

The LOCKGRIP model is available to size 10.

The mission of the BECKER Mechanical Hand Co. is to provide the highest QUALITY, most DEPENDABLE, and most DURABLE mechanical hands.  This is not a statement, but a commitment at BECKER Mechanical Hand Co.  This is characterized by the fact that BECKER Mechanical Hand has hands in service in excess of 50 years. 

Over 70 years of enginneering, manufacturing, and testing make the BECKER Mechanical Hands the standard of excellence throughout the world.  Customer feedback supports our claims; our customers enjoy the benefits of having a quality, dependable, and durable product with high utility. 

The BECKER Mechanical Hand Co. will manufacture a hand to meet your specific needs.  We specialize in customization and stand behind our products with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  Yes, this is rare;  BECKER Mechanical Hand is all about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.  We enjoy the opportunity to satisfy our customers needs and personalize your experience; we will work with you. 

Prosthetists who value customer satisfaction offer the BECKER Mechanical Hand to their clients.  

Imperial and Lockgrip

The Becker Mechanical Hand Co. manufactures the Imperial and Lockgrip mechanical hands.

The Imperial  is a plastic bodied hand.  The Lockgrip is a wood bodied hand.

Both hands feature:

Full five finger Voluntary Opening

Jointed fingers simulating your knuckle

Single cable operation

Automatic locking when hand is closed

Tension Grip Adjustment

Oval spring wire covering the fingers

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Custom made hands available upon request

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